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Live healthy. Live better.

When you’ve had enough of that typical fitness routine, the lack of privacy, inconvenient times and boring exercises, it is time you considered all the benefits a PDC Swim Spa has to offer. Simply step out your door into a private backyard oasis of warm water action for the quickest, most beneficial exercise experience that meets your personal time schedule. Whether you are an athlete in training, a fitness enthusiast, wanting relief from joint pain, or looking for massaging hydrotherapy and a better way of life, adding a PDC Swim Spa to your lifestyle is the answer for you.

Get fit with water.

There are no limits to the exercises that can be performed in a swim spa. Swimming is the obvious exercise but don't put limits on yourself. Just a few options include: weight lifting, resistance bands, walking, running, a treadmill and rowing; all increasing muscle tone in a safe stress free environment.

A swim spa like no other.

PDC swim spas stand out over every other swim spa on the market today. The unique designs ares made with the customer in mind. Everything from jet placement to control placement allows for the most user friendly swim spas out there. Top of the line components allow for the smoothest resistance for swimming and exercising. Body hugging hydrotherapy seats have jets in all of the right places to hit tired stressed out muscles for optimum relaxation.

Within a day, your swim spa can be delivered and installed. No permits, excavation, or months of anticipation! Unlike a traditional swimming pool, swim spas offer year round use and only require a level, solid surface with electrical connection.

Customizable Workouts

Program up to ten custom workout sessions with our easy to use, digital, menu-driven control center. Mix it up or select your favorite walking, jogging, swimming or resistance training setting to stay fit and challenged.

Highlights Lighting™

Enhance your evening swim or soak with the multi-colored Highlights Lighting™ system. Standard on all PDC swim spas, this collection of soft glowing and pinpoint underwater LED lights and lit cascading waterspouts will enhance the sights and sounds of your backyard.

Eclipse Lighting™

Your new outdoor oasis will undoubtedly be the envy of the neighborhood with the cabinet LED Eclipse Lighting™. Eye-catching lit cabinet sconces cast an enticing glow on your swim spa, reflecting a style and elegance all its own as you enjoy a starry night just a little bit longer.

BlueTune™ Audio

Marine-grade speakers, an in-cabinet subwoofer and transducers turn your swim spa into a natural amphitheater for complete enjoyment with the BlueTune™ music system. Set the mood as you manage the playlist and volume conveniently from inside or out of the swim spa with any smart phone or mobile device.

Wi-Fi Operation

Switch the heating mode to vacation from the airport or turn on the spa lights as you pull in the driveway for a late night workout or stargazing session with the optional Wi-Fi package. Download the free mobile app to your smart phone/tablet to easily control your PDC Spas swim spa from anywhere you are.

Energy Efficient

PDC Spas leads the industry in compliance with the California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 energy use testing. PDC has met or exceeded those standards by as much as 32% over competitor’s models. Together, TemperLok™ insulation design, thermal locking cover, efficient pumps and digital controls make your choice in our swim spa the efficient and economical choice.