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As a valued customer of Clark's Pools, your satisfaction is our goal! We want to extend to you an opportunity to choose the most convenient date for your pool service. Please complete the form below, indicating your top four preferred service dates. We will do our very best to schedule your first choice, but if that date is full, we will go with one of your secondary choices. All dates are first-come, first-served, so reply early!

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Partial openings include:

  • Removing winterizing plugs from pool
  • Draining plugs installed into pump, filter, cleaner, etc.*
  • Installing handrails and ladders
  • Replacing baskets into skimmers
  • Adding proper amount of DE (for DE filters)
  • Testing and treating for pH, alkalinity & shock — up to 20 lbs. alkalinity & 5 lbs. shock
  • Starting system and test-firing heater (heaters are not left running)

* Includes 1 pump, 1 filter, 1 cleaner pump, 1 heater, 1 sanitizer. Additional components priced below.

If choosing a Partial Opening, please have the cover removed and out of the general pool area prior to our arrival.

All Full Openings include:

  • All “Partial Opening” services
  • Removal of winter cover, which will be folded and placed on to the deck next to the pool

If choosing a Full Opening, please have the cover dry and free of any debris prior to our arrival. Clark's Pools is not responsible for debris left on the cover that falls into your pool. We do not vacuum pools.

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Because we provide superior service to every customer, we are unable to provide the time of day that we will open your pool. We will arrive for the opening between 7 a.m. and dusk.


Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the chemical manufacturing industry, Clark’s Pools cannot offer chemical delivery this year.

Select optional add-ons.

Please indicate any optional services to be performed in addition to the service you selected above.

On site filter cleaning with customer’s garden hose

Clean salt cell

Replace existing Pool Tool zinc anode

Install new Pool Tool zinc anode

* This will not be included in the final price on this page and will incur an additional charge at a later date.


Pre-payment is required for scheduling. If pre-payment does not accompany your request, the opening will not be scheduled until payment is made. Your pre-payment (credit card or check) will be processed at the time your opening is added to the schedule. Prices are good through June 18.

If a problem is detected while we are opening your pool, we will make every effort to contact you and inform you of the situation. If we cannot reach you while we are still on site, we will attempt to perform any work costing less than $85.00. The cost for this work will be billed to the credit card on file. If the work is greater than $85.00 or cannot be completed while we are on site, please call (302) 834‑0200 to schedule the service.

If failure to complete any of these items results in the need for a return visit, you will be charged a $85 return visit fee in addition to the cost of the opening.

  • Unlock any gates.
  • Secure pets in the house or backyard.
  • Make sure electricity to the pool pump is on.
  • Placing all accessories (ladders, rails, baskets, etc.) next to the pool on the pool deck
  • Cutting away any vegetation around the pool system equipment.
  • Pre-payment is required for scheduling. If pre-payment does not accompany your request, the opening will not be scheduled until payment is made.

We do not vacuum pools. Any disassembled equipment (pump, filter, etc.) will require an additional charge. Clark’s pools is not responsible for worn or damaged equipment.